BibleZ app and sword.js JavaScript library

BibleZ app and sword.js JavaScript library

Postby zefanja » 2014-02-24T06:02:32+00:00


I'm the developer of BibleZ. BibleZ was first released in 2010 as Zefania XML app for webOS. I later changed to the sword project as backend. BibleZ HD was born as Tablet app for the HP Touchpad. After the end of the great webOS I've started to work on a new interation of this app. sword.js is a small Javascript library to read the sword modules, but I/we can add any other format like OSIS/Zefania/Haggai/...

The new BibleZ runs only on Firefox and FirefoxOS, but I plan to add support for other browsers to. (The problem is that only Firefox supports binary data in the indexeddb).

Ok , here are some links:

Feel free to make a PullRequest or submit an issue to any of the repos. BibleZ aim is to provide an easy-to-use interface and with great features.

Best Regards,

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